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DOMA Accessibility App Design
2022 Illustrator, Photoshop, & Figma

This app was created to aid people with dyslexia when they go to the museum. There are many different aspects to this app including the map of DOMA, a camera to scan QR codes, settings to change colors and typefaces, and a reader with an audio selection to help with understanding. 

Kirk's Bike Shop Identity Design
2022 InDesign, Illustrator, & Photoshop

This design was created as part of a class assignment to reinvent a local business's branding. I chose a local bike shop that has been in the Muncie community since 1865. I created this new design to modernize the old logo without losing the old logo's character. I chose a large and small circle with an arch to mimic the look of a "big wheel bike" and used the years 18 and 65 to create the relationship between the large and small circles, making them relate to each other in 18:65 relatively. The small circle also represents the individual, the arch is a pathway showing their journey, and the large circle is the community feeling Kirk's Bike shop gives you. The teal color comes from the local White River where Kirk's has their events and rides, and the charcoal is the path you ride on. 

Malawi Culture Book
2022 InDesign & Illustrator

This design was created as part of a class assignment to introduce us to a new culture and produce a book based on the natural beauty and way of life in a nation we were unaware of. Beautiful Malawi, which has been harmed by foreign powers, developed a clandestine society among its tribes to deal with the crimes. After the creation of Nayu, culture flourished. All of the body writing and images for the book's sections, which each examined a different facet of the Nayu, were created by myself.

Jones Soda Annual Report 
2022 InDesign, Illustrator, & Photoshop

Companies annual reports are notorious for having little design and being challenging to read. This project was developed to make annual reports for businesses interesting even if they are filled with numbers and graphs. The major objectives of this design were to choose a corporation and convey its identity over a lengthy document. Jones Drink is renowned for its excellent soda as well as the artwork used on its bottles. Regular people submit images to the Jones Soda website and regular people vote on which they would like to see in their favorite flavor so to continue this tradition, I requested non-artist friends to email me photographs, and every image in this book was created from them.  

Seven Deadly Sins Packaging Design,
2021, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, & Dimension

After creating logos based around a theme pertaining to the Seven Deadly Sins, we were assigned to create a packaging design based on the theme of the logos. Since I chose weapons to design the logos based on, I chose a more lighthearted packaging theme of candies and soda. I chose a fruit based on the shape of the logo which created each of the flavors and made illustrations with geometric shapes 


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